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  •             My art practice is an avenue for physical and material engagement with the environments that I inhabit as a performer. I am constantly searching for an intersection of a physical vocabulary within PERFORMANCE ART with expressions and media that revolve around spaces, objects, materials, sounds, videos and audiences, in an action that connects the political with the poetic.                  

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Frames of resonance 
Summer 2022 - Ongoing  | Brussels (BE)  - Tunis (TN)

Live body performance
Site-specific installation of a copper/staineless steel sheet
along with a live set of concrete music in collaboration with Oussama Gaidi

MMAG Foundation
September 17, 2023

Public presentation at iNTERNATIONAL Dance Encounter Amman (IDEA 2023) with Halaqat program curated by Nedjma HADJ BENCHALABI

© Arthur Tainturier and few shots by spectators  
costume designed by Anomalieⴼ 

A “corps-à-corps” performance/installation based on the triangularity of
It’s about the gesture that emerges from the interaction of what we see 
and what we don’t see. 
An experience of an autonomous space, distinguished from what is outside,
yet mirroring it through the interplay of motions, sounds and reflections.

Théâtre Marni, Brussels
November 10, 2022
Public presentation following a 6 weeks residency with Halaqat - Politics of bodies and spaces program of Goethe-Institut Brussel and Bozar Belgium Curated by Nedjma Hadj Benchalabi

©Shot by Jonathan Van Hemelrijck and edited by Arthur Tainturier 

©  CarolineLessire 

Studio - Tunis
August, 2022

First research experiments in the studio



©  Attila Londi