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  •             My art practice is an avenue for physical and material engagement with the environments that I inhabit as a performer. I am constantly searching for an intersection of a physical vocabulary within PERFORMANCE ART with expressions and media that revolve around spaces, objects, materials, sounds, videos and audiences, in an action that connects the political with the poetic.                  

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a Walk
Autumn 2012 - winter 2022 - Tunis

Series of 4 Happening/performances 
42km walks in the public space collecting found object.

Walking through the city diving in its interstices. Encounters with objects and individuals. 
unfolds a web of significant intersections and potentialities.
The body is propelled into a state of self-transcendence, allowing it to explore its full potential.

- Kram 9KM
OCTOBER 2022 - with Fakherddin Amri, Aziza Gorgi, Aymen Amami, Alessandro Villi, Yoya Baccouche

© Aymen Amami ,  Aziza Gorgi

Rades Industrial zone 3KM
NOVEMBER 2022 - with Aymen Amami, Asma Laajimi, Achref Bettaieb 

© Asma Laajimi

Medina of Tunis Monfleury - hafseya 10km
FEBRUARY 2023 - with Safa Attyaoui, Achref Guesmi (Interference team)  Dekka, Iheb Maaroufi (Neighborhood)  

© Achref Guesmi