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  •             My art practice is an avenue for physical and material engagement with the environments that I inhabit as a performer. I am constantly searching for an intersection of a physical vocabulary within PERFORMANCE ART with expressions and media that revolve around spaces, objects, materials, sounds, videos and audiences, in an action that connects the political with the poetic.                  

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Summer 2019 | Venice (IT)  

10-days intensive joint summer class on the practice of performance art hosted by Venice International Performance Art Week with Vest&Page

C32 performance art workspace
June 14, 2019

Collaborative public presentation with 20 artists from 15 different countries around the topic of bodies in dissent

© Lorenzo Cini

© Christine Zeta Rolla

«My body as it stands before you 
is a record not only of my lived experiences but of my ancestries, as it holds within all the trauma and paradoxes stemming from my history.
I see the gesture of performance as an act of emancipation transforming the marks and scars inscribed in me - into a act of resistence/existence.

© Christina Zeta Rolla