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  •             My art practice is an avenue for physical and material engagement with the environments that I inhabit as a performer. I am constantly searching for an intersection of a physical vocabulary within PERFORMANCE ART with expressions and media that revolve around spaces, objects, materials, sounds, videos and audiences, in an action that connects the political with the poetic.                  

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Spring 2021 | Tunis (TN)

Durational performance of 9 days with found objects and audiences/participants.
With International Light Art Festival (Interference) - Electrical Disorder series, hosted and curated by Aymen Gharbi.

12-21 march 2021

© Boubli

A triangular relationship between the BODY, the OTHER and the NON-HUMAN BODY.
It questions their ontological existence and their common becoming. A performance that has no starting point and has no end but a continuity of accumulated experiences totally improvised and experienced live with the involvement of the audience.

©  Sypho

©Fedi Derbel
©  Fedi Derbe

©  Rayen Touati

©  Zied Belaifa

All the footage was shot by the audience. They were actively involved in transforming/reconfiguring the space, documenting and even performing.